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Ash reception year

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Welcome to Ash class!


Miss Chalkley is the class teacher who works Monday through to Friday.


Mrs Hollington is the Teaching Assistant.

What happens on each day?


Each day is a little bit different and this is what makes it so fun!


We have time together on the carpet for learning time and story time and we learn lots of different things, from how to talk about stories to how to count and use numbers in different ways. We sing songs to help develop our memory and also do Dough Disco to help build up the muscles in our hands!


Then we have activities where the children can choose to learn through play both inside and outside. Whilst we are learning, our teachers help to support our learning by doing activities with us and talking to us about what we are doing. 


We also have a phonics session each day, where we learn new sounds or practise how to blend and segment sounds and words to help with our reading and writing.


On Tuesday and Wednesdays we have PE and we also go to the ICT suite on Thursdays. 

What work will the children have to complete at home?


In the Autumn term when the children first start school, we send home a "shared" reading book which we change on a Monday and Thursday. We encourage children to use the book they choose to develop their story telling skills and talk about parts of the story, such as what characters are in the story and what they think will happen in the story.


After half term , we will then begin to send home "Phonic" reading books which we will change on a Tuesday and Friday. When this begins, we will only change shared reading books on a Monday. 


We expect all children to read each day, either sharing a story book together or letting your child have a turn at reading themselves. This helps children to develop their story telling skills, talking about parts of the story, such as what characters are in the story and what they think will happen in the story. Using "story voices" is also a fabulous way of learning how to retell a story!



Support for parents!


You will find a number of resources available for you to download, or a link to follow, for ideas to support your children at home. If there is something else you would like added or if you have any questions regarding the links, please let us know!

Phoneme mats - we use the letter formation on the first page

"More the maths than counting" booklet - some fabulous ideas on supporting the mathematical development of children!