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Boys Will Be Boys

Project 2- Super Science


What a fantastic time we all had being scientists for the morning! As we said at the beginning, most superheroes were born as the result of science experiments which went a bit wrong. Luckily for us, we were almost completely successful with our demonstrations- though that doesn't mean you aren't science-heroes.



Super Science Challenge


The Challenge: investigate a Scientific Phenomena that interests you the most.

It could be…

  • Outer space (Could there be life on Mars?)
  • Changes in materials (such as baking or melting)
  • Combining everyday substances (perhaps to make slime)
  • The Animal Kingdom (Explore animals adaptations or evolution)
  • Gravity (Why don’t we float away? How do things stay up?)
  • Forces around us (e.g. friction used to make your bike go…and stop!)
  • Plants (How they might change depending upon how you treat them?)


…or anything else you can think of.


Once You have completed your investigation, your challenge is to explain or present what you have learnt. It is most important to answer the question: ‘why is this so?


This could be in any form you choose…Perhaps a poster, an animation, a video blog, a cartoon strip- the choice is yours.


Please hand in these projects to Mr Clayton, or the school office by Monday 20th February. If you choose to complete the project digitally, you can email it directly to the school office.






Boys Will Be Boys 2015-16


Following an extremely enjoyable and successful Boys Will Be Boys programme of events last year, we are pleased to announce that we will be running the initiative again this year. If you are interested in your child taking part, please read below for an outline of the project.


This is what a few of the boys had to say about the activities they took part in...


"I enjoyed making the key house best. We had to cut the wood and nail it together." Liam, Year 3


"Me and my dad made a comic strip called Disaster Dan on the computer. We had a really good time!" Daniel, Year 4


"Running a pizza restaurant seemed like a really hard thing to do, but we did it!" Tom, Year 5


"It was really cool because whenever we made any money, we got to spend it too. Like our trip to the cinema!" Ben, Year 3


And the parents views...

"It's been great to get together with the other dads too, like the camping. Playing games and having a barbeque with lads and the dads was  loads of fun."


"I've loved doing these activities with my son, we wouldn't normally create comic strips or make pizzas like this."


"They've (the boys) really enjoyed the activities, and so have I. We get to do them together."


"My child's dad works on most Saturdays, so I've come along with him. I've been really welcomed into the games!"


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Boys will be boys...they'll be brilliant!


In schools across the country one thing seems to be the same- girls are outperforming boys. Whether in GCSEs or Key Stage 2 SATs, this general pattern seems to hold true.

Here at The Academy of Cuxton Schools, our assessments reveal a similar pattern- particularly in boys writing abilities. We are sure you'll agree, this simply won't do -our boys can be brilliant too!


It is important to understand why this is the case, though the theories on that are abundant:

  • different expectations of boys and girls from a very early age
  • social stereotyping (e.g. Horrid Henry, Bart (or Homer) Simpson, Dennis the Menace, Daddy Pig)
  • peer pressure from other boys and/or family members to live upto social expectations
  • lack of positive male role models
  • low self esteem
  • suitability or readiness to adapt to modern teaching styles


It seems probable to us that one or all of these reasons may factor in explaining this pattern of lower boys achievements.


Over the coming year, through a range of boy-friendly activities and initiatives, we aim to help our boys see that they are brilliant!

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