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Welcome to Maple Class!

Teacher - Miss Giocondi 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Curtis

I can't believe it's that time of year again already! A new class and a new year ahead. I just want to say welcome to Maple class, children and parents, and to say how excited I am in going through this year 4 journey with you all!

We have some exciting things ahead, including some great topics to get our teeth into, and of course, swimming lessons. 




There has been a slight change to when we test children on their spellings. In order to keep it consistent throughout the school, children will receive their new spelling list on a Monday and will be tested on a Friday.


The list of spellings will be on the website, so that if any child forgets to bring them home, they can be easily accessed.

Please note, that all groups will be doing the same spellings each week to keep in line with the year 4 curriculum, however, those children in the groups Tigers and Jaguars can focus on the first 5 spellings in the list only, and will only be tested on those. If they wish to learn more of the spellings in the list, and can do so accurately, this will be a great achievement.

Year 3/4 Spelling list.

Please see the attachment, which details the year 3/4 spellings from the National Curriculum

Our PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays. P.E kits should be kept in school for an entire term, and taken home at the end of the term to be washed. However, when swimming starts, this will take the place of a PE session.


Earrings should be taken out wherever possible or medical tape wrapped around the earrings to protect the ear. If medical tape is needed, then this also needs to be kept in the child's P.E bag.

Please see the P.E policy for any more information.