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Welcome to Pine Class. We are an excited class of 29 children who love coming to school, working together and learning lots of new things now that we are in Year 1! Our class teacher is Miss Taylor and our teaching assistant is Mrs Lenotti. Keep an eye on our class page for exciting news and information!



Our PE day is Friday. On Monday we will do Forest School. Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school all week and that earrings are removed on Friday.




Celebration Assembly

Well done to these children for achieving a certificate in Celebration Assembly this week in recognition of their achievements throughout the week:


Well done to _____for winning the Values Certificate for Term 1! At the end of each term the children in the class vote for the child they think has shown the school values the most that term. This is a very special certificate to receive because the children are voted for by their classmates. Well done Riley! Who will show the school values the most next term?


Friday 18th May 2018


Jam Tarts


The classroom was filled with the delicious smell of freshly baked tarts this afternoon as the Pine Cones put their learning into practice by following a set of instructions to make jam tarts. Judging by the smiles on all the faces at the end of the afternoon, I think they went down a treat! Does this mean Miss Taylor will brave more baking with the Pine Cones next term?!

Wednesday 2nd May 2018


Road Safety Walk

The Pine Cones learnt all about road safety this morning as they made their way around Cuxton for a road safety walk. Paul taught us what we should do before we cross a road - STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK! We looked for different types of traffic and road features like zig-zag lines, guard rails and zebra crossings. We also had a checklist of things to look out for on our walk, like which bus stops outside the Scout Hut and the colours of some front doors. As usual the Pine Cones were very well behaved and it was a pleasure taking them out of school for the morning!

Monday 30th April 2018


London Calling!

In our art lesson on Monday we recreated London landmarks. Some children painted beautiful pictures. Others sketched fantastic drawings and the budding designers built the landmarks out of Lego. We can't wait to build our London landmarks over the coming weeks!

Thursday 26th April 2018


Place Value

The Pine Cones have been developing their understanding of place value this week in maths. We have been making 2-digit numbers and partitioning them (splitting them into tens and ones). We used dienes and place value cards to help us! You can support your child at home with this learning by asking them about house numbers when you're out and about and asking them to tell you how many tens and ones in the number and what number the tens is! For example, house number 63 has 6 tens worth 60 and 3 ones.

Tuesday 24th April 2018


The Royal Baby

We were very excited in Pine Class yesterday and this morning as news of the Royal Baby Prince swept through the classroom. This morning we decided to have a 'Sweep-stake' of what we think the new Prince might be called. Have a look at the children's suggestions below. Which is your favourite? I particularly like James' suggestion that the baby Prince should be called Charming!


I hope they name the baby soon - it's almost like the excitement of a car journey to go on holiday but instead of 'are we there yet?' it's cries of 'does he have a name yet?' Soon little Cones, soon!

Wednesday 18th April 2018


Describing Paddington Bear


We have been reading 'Paddington at the Palace' in class this week. On Wednesday we used adjectives and similes in our writing. Miss Taylor was very impressed with our work and especially with how beautiful our handwriting is!


Tamara used some fantastic similes in her writing. Can  you find them? She also remembered to use a comma in between two adjectives. Well done Tamara! frown























Amelia remembered what she saw from the film clip very carefully to describe what Paddington did. She used lots of adjectives to describe Paddington bear in her writing. Amelia met one of her targets in this piece of work, well done Amelia! frown






















Isabella has been working really hard on her handwriting - isn't it lovely? Isabella worked with Miss Robinson to complete her work today and she has used lots of adjectives and some similes in her writing. Well done Isabella! frown

Tuesday 17th April 2018


Jurassic Pine

We have been busy practicing for our class assembly. We can't wait to show all the mums and dads what we learnt about dinosaurs.

Monday 16th April 2018


The Changing of the Guard

In our story, Paddington at the Palace, Paddington goes to Buckingham Palace and is lucky enough to see the Changing of the Guard. The Changing of the Guard is a special ceremony where a group of soldiers guarding Buckingham Palace change places with a new group of soldiers. After watching a video showing the changing of the guard we noticed how clever the soldiers are to move together in time and play their instruments as well! We then went outside and recreated our own Changing of the Guard by marching together in time around the playground!


Friday 13th April 2018

Bright Lights, Big City


To kick off our new topic learning all about London, we adapted the familiar song 'The wheels on the bus' and wrote our own versions with actions. We performed them in front of the class. We loved watching each other's performances!

We learnt about recycling on Friday. We sorted the rubbish into the correct recycling bins! (23.03.18)

We learnt about recycling on Friday. We sorted the rubbish into the correct recycling bins! (23.03.18) 1 Busy sorting the recycling!
We learnt about recycling on Friday. We sorted the rubbish into the correct recycling bins! (23.03.18) 2 What would go in the glass bin?
We learnt about recycling on Friday. We sorted the rubbish into the correct recycling bins! (23.03.18) 3 Would socks go in the paper and cardboard bin?

16th March 2018

Whose egg?


Look what has arrived in school this week - a huge, white, blue, sparkly and lumpy egg! We crept down to Miss Harlin's office to take a closer look today, our voices tucked safely away in case they cracked the egg. We carefully approached the egg and those brave enough got really close to gently touch it. Jacob T said he heard some breathing inside the egg and Kenneth said he saw it shake! Lots of the girls think it must be a unicorn egg because it's sparkly. I hope whatever is inside of the egg is a kind creature!