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 Whitebeam would like to acknowledge their new Spelling Star for term 4:

Josh Reyes 

Congratulations for achieving the highest score during the Spelling 'Wasp' which included spelling words from the

National Curriculum Year 5 & 6 Spelling List.

It was a tough competition with 8 finalists:

Sam A, Harry, Luke, Tilly, Bella, Maia and Daylin.

Will he reign again in Term 4, or will Whitebeam have another new champ?


Remember, the next Spelling Wasp will take place in the final week of Term 4.

The Spelling List can be found below so start learning them now!


Whitebeam winners:

Term 2: Tilly Rayner.

Year 5 and 6 Spelling words

Sound Chart

Sound Chart 1

Learning spellings creatively

Prefix & Suffix

Prefix & Suffix 1