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Our aim is to ensure the children use the spellings they have learnt, in their everyday writing, confidently.

Children are tested weekly on 10-12 spellings which focus on a particular alternative spelling/suffix/prefix. 


Spellings for the term:

(Week 1)

television treasure  usual  pleasure  measure  leisure  casual  unusual  supervision  division

(Week 2)

station  fiction  nation  celebration  friction  section  attention  mention  contraction  infection

(Week 3)

excitement  joyful  useless careful  enjoyment  careless playful  payment  penniless  statement

(Week 4)

straight  strange  weight  height  eight  eighth  accident  actual 

(Week 5)

heard  earth  early  learn  surprise  favourite  hour  natural

(Week 6)

Choosing 20 random spellings from the Year 2 common exception words that we have been learning all year round. 



Children in Year 2 are expected to be able to read and spell these common exception words, fluently by the end of the year. 


They have opportunities to use and practise them in school daily and are tested termly on them, at random. 

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