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Today has been a fun day for Mrs Houghton and I as we have been in school together!  We made lots of phone calls home, which we have really enjoyed.  Hopefully we've got through to most of you now.  If not, Mrs Houghton will be back at school next week so will try you then! Some of you have had a guess about the plants I'm growing, but no-one has guessed yet.  I'll give you some clues, one is a plant that likes the sun, another is a vegetable that tastes sweet and the final one is often called rabbit food (not carrots though).


I've been so impressed with your work today - especially your questions about the Queen.  I've put some on here so maybe you could see if you can help each other to answer them. 


Well, today has been another great day of learning for Elm class.  I'm so proud of you all! 

H has been writing some maths problems, do you think you can solve them?

J and J had to go to school with their Mummy today. It seems very strange seeing them in school uniform!
Here are some more pictures from your work today.


Hello! How are you all? Did you have a nice weekend? The weather was a little pants, wasn't it! I've had a busy two days. On Monday I was in school with Mrs Emslie, it was so nice to see different faces. On Tuesday I had to do the food shopping, I recorded another story for you all, I rearranged the furniture in our living room and we bathed our pet snake, Drago. 

I've loved looking at you work about The Royal Family. When I was younger I was convinced I would marry Prince Harry! Don't tell Mr Houghton laugh

I'm looking forward to seeing your work from today... enjoy! smiley


I was so impressed with your all your Royal Family research yesterday. I loved looking at the different ways you created family trees! Some of you created your own family trees already, it's like you read my mind! If you did create your family tree, here's another activity you could do. I've created a wishing jar! It's full of all the things I'm looking forward to doing smiley I've included a picture below and there are instructions on the class page. 


Tomorrow (Friday) is VE day. Are you and your family doing anything special? We might have a picnic, I bought lots of cakes in the food shopping this week and some decorations. I'd love to see your pictures. There won't be any set work on Friday but I'll put some suggestions of activities on the Friday page just in case you want to do them. There's no expectation for you to complete them or email them smiley Enjoy! 


Today is VE Day. Are you celebrating? Will you be having a picnic or a small party? 


I've put some activities on the Friday page for you, if you want to complete them. Please send me any pictures and I'll add them below. Enjoy your day!