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Happy Monday!! You have all made a great start to the week well done.  I can't believe how many of you have been baking over the weekend.  I did try to make a banana bread but it sank when I got it out of the oven!  I'm not a master baker by any stretch of the imagination!! 

Here are some pictures of some of the sunflower seeds I planted.  They are starting to grow quite well.  I think the sun and rain mixture is helping!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Here are some pictures of the wonderful work you have been doing.


Another great day of learning today!

Here is a picture of my flat banana bread!  I will try again next week and see if I can do a better job.  It looks a bit odd, but it tasted very nice.  It was all eaten, which is a good sign!

Picture 1
I've been trying to exercise more during lockdown, so today I did PE with Joe Wicks and then went on the treadmill for 20mins (I did a mixture of walking and running).  I felt tired afterwards but exercise does make you feel good!
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You have really impressed me with your work today, especially your beautifully presented menu's.  Well done everybody!  Here are some of your photos.


Well done everyone for another successful day of learning.  I can't believe how hard you are working, and you've really found out some great interesting facts about Samuel Pepys.  We are lucky he did his diary so we know so much about what happened during the Great Fire of London. 

Today I sorted out the cupboard under my sink (a bit boring!) and last night I did a Zoom yoga session with my yoga teacher. 

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Here are some of the lovely pictures you have sent me today...

Today is my last day with you this week - I will hand you over to Mrs Houghton now!  Have a great couple of days, I will check the website to see how your tea parties go on Friday.  Have a great weekend!

From Mrs Emslie x


Hi Elm Class! I've missed you all. How are you? You look like you've had a brilliant week - your tea parties are coming along nicely. I haven't been up to much this week. Like Mrs Emslie, I organised the cupboard under my sink! I agree, it's a boring task but I found lots of cleaning products that I didn't know we had! I took my little boy out for a long walk too, he was absolutely delighted to be wearing his first pair of converse! On Tuesday I went for a run, I'm on week 3, run 1 of couch to 5k. It's hard work but I feel very happy once I've completed it. Yesterday, I went to school. It was so lovely to see some new faces and have a good chat with the adults. I even spoke to some of your adults on the phone! Right, that's you all caught up on my week, I can't wait to hear about yours! smiley


I loved seeing your work today (Thursday), especially your alliteration seating plans. They were fantastic smiley I've taken some inspiration from you to make my own. I need to bake my cake for tomorrow and make sandwiches but I might do that in the morning. I'm going to sit down now and have a hot tea, a biscuit and watch a film. Enjoy your tea parties tomorrow, I'm looking forward to all the pictures! 

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Wow, your tea parties look amazing! Some of the pictures were emailed to me around 11am and I was getting very hungry and a bit jealous of all the cake! I had all the bits ready for our tea party but my little boy felt a bit poorly with new teeth coming through so we're going to do our tea party tomorrow. I'm going to take some inspiration from the photos that have been sent to me! 


I just want to say a quick thank you to you all for working so hard during this odd time, you've shown great resilience and one day you'll be able to tell your children and their children about the time you stayed off school and worked from home! Also, a huge thank you to your mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents who have helped you with your home learning. 


Keep it up Elm Class, you're all FANTASTIC!