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It's been a really lovely day for lots of you today.  I'm so pleased that many of you enjoyed the Dough Disco and some of you remembered doing it in Oak and Ash class!  I've been busy today doing Joe Wicks P.E lesson, then out for a bike ride and I've done some home learning myself.  Busy, busy! 
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Attached is a video link.  It was made by the Oliver Fisher Neonatal unit at Medway Hospital.  Two of your class mates were there for 3 months when they were first born.  Have a look and see if you can see some familiar faces!



Here are some pictures of your fabulous work today.


I hope you've all had a lovely day, despite the weather not being as good today!  What a difference! You've done some amazing work today.  I've had a few technical difficulties, so I'm sorry if I haven't managed to get back to some of your emails.  I will try my best to get to them as soon as possible.  I have been busy doing Joe Wicks again today.  I was very puffed out at the end of it. I've been helping my children, Ella-Rose and Finley, with their home learning too.

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Here are some pictures of what you've been up to today.



After my trouble with my internet yesterday I have been busy catching up today.  I had a LOT of emails in my inbox this morning so please let me know if I missed you when I was replying.  I hope I've caught up with everybody!

I have done PE with Joe again today.  I still get so puffed out though - I thought it was supposed to get easier! 

I've been so impressed with your pop up books.  You've tried so hard!  I can't figure out how you have made your pictures pop up!  You will have to tell me your secrets. 

I plan to read another story over the next few days.  Do any of you have a favourite you would like me to read?  If so, then let me know by email and I'll see if I've got it. 


These are the seeds I am growing on my windowsill. Can you guess what they might grow into?

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Here are some photos from today :-)


Hello all! I've missed you. I've had quite a busy week. I've started couch to 5k, so I have been running twice this week! surprise It's hard work but I'm enjoying it. I've done lots of arts and crafts with my little boy, we have a few birthdays coming up so we made cards. I thought it would be a great idea to use paint and print his little hand and foot prints but he ate quite a lot of the paint blush This week I've started writing your reports and doing some of my own home learning too! I hope you've all had a brilliant week and I can't wait to see what you've been up to. I'll leave this picture here for all the mums - my little one chose a really good bedtime story to read! 


I was so super impressed by your work yesterday! You are all doing so well! Did you clap last night? Did you sing Happy Birthday for Captain Tom Moore? 

Someone special has written you a letter, have a look! smiley