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Ash reception year

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Welcome to Ash Class!


A warm welcome to the Academy of Cuxton Schools and to Reception.

Our class teacher is Miss Robinson and she works Monday-Friday. We are supported everyday by our lovely teaching assistant Mrs Hollington.


We work closely with Oak class, who we share an outside area with. We also free flow between both Ash and Oak classrooms, exploring all areas of learning.


Keep visiting our class page throughout the year for any important information, news and to see what we have been doing in our termly topics.



What happens on each day?


Each day is a little bit different and this is what makes it so fun!


In a typical day, the children in Ash and Oak classes spend short periods of time together on the carpet to share a story or learn lots of different things. We may to talk about stories, discuss children's interests, learn how to paint new things or practise counting and use numbers- the list could go on! Also, we sing songs to help develop children's memories and, perhaps most importantly of all, learn how we are all special and how to treat one another.


When the children are not engaged in shared learning activities, they are free to explore the activities we have prepared for them, both inside and outside , as well as create their own games with any of the equipment we have. This gives the children a wonderful chance to learn through their play- whether that is a social skill (such as turn taking or using good manners) or a curricular area (such as using phonics to label a den which has been built). Whilst the children are busy exploring, the adults help to support their learning by doing activities with them, talking to them during their games. As we like to ensure that all children reach their potential, we will also give the children challenges to deepen their learning experiences.


We also have a taught phonics session each day, where the children learn new sounds or practise how to blend sounds together to help their reading, and how to segment the sounds in words to help children to write them. Once the children have settled into school life fully, we will begin to go into the Computing Suite to explore some of our digital equipment and also visit the local library to choose a book.


Important days to remember (Term 5)


We have our Yoga session with Becky every Tuesday morning.

We have PE with Tom on a Wednesday afternoon (Term 5).

Please can you ensure PE kits are in school for both Yoga and PE sessions. We will send PE kits home at the end of each term.


What work will the children have to complete at home?


In the Autumn term when the children first start school, we send home a "shared" reading book which we change on a Friday. We encourage children to choose a book which they like, however this may well be a book which they cannot read themselves. Please simply enjoy reading this- listening to you read a  book is shown to greatly develop their story telling skills and understanding of story. So please, use your story telling voices (which means your funny- if a bit embarrassing!- character voices), to make them seem as exciting as possible!


At the start of term 2, we will also send home "Phonic" reading books, which we will change on a Monday and Thursday. These books will match your child's ability much more closely, so please listen to your child read aloud each night.

The system is designed deliberately to allow your child to keep the book for 3 or 4 days. This has the following benefits:

1st reading- children may read slowly as they are trying to sound out each new word.

2nd reading- children will read with more fluency as the story is more familiar.  

3rd reading- with increased fluency, children can now discuss the story with a clearer understanding of the events and characters.


Above all, please encourage your child to develop a real pleasure for reading. As they grow up good books will help them travel the world, meet new and interesting people and become creative, imaginative people. As Matilda (From Roald Dahl's Matilda) puts it:



Support for parents!                


You will find a number of resources available for you to download, or a link to follow, for ideas to support your children at home.


Phoneme mats - we use the letter formation on the first page

"More to maths than counting" booklet - some fabulous ideas on supporting the mathematical development of children!