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Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving at Cuxton Schools


One of our core values at Cuxton is being a positive part of a community. With this is mind, each of our year groups has discussed and agreed upon the charity whom they’d like to support-whether this is part of their local, national or international community. All at Cuxton schools feel incredibly proud of the children, following the conviction and empathy they showed whilst proposing and debating the charities they wished to support.


Our year groups have now discussed the charities which they consider to be most worthwhile and agreed upon the one which they will support this year. Please see the table below:


Year Group


Date of event

Year 6

Term 1

21st September

Year 4

Term 2

14th November

Year 2

Term 3

30th January

Year 5

Term 4

20th March

Year 3

Term 5

8th May

Year 1 and Reception

Term 6

10th  July


The dates for these events are as above, however the children will take responsibility for these events, so look out for further details (times, venues, programmes etc.) in due course. Last year, the children organised and ran a range of fundraising activities, including a pop-up cinema, a concert, fashion show, and cake sales. Therefore we am very much looking forward to the creativity and ideas which will be on offer this time.


We appreciate that this puts a financial burden upon you, and would therefore ask, if you are able, that you support only your child’s (or children’s) charity without feeling the need to contribute to all of the above events. The only other charity we will support over the year is the Save The Children Christmas jumper appeal- children will be invited to wear a Christmas jumper in exchange for £1.