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Music Subject Intent


It is our aim to provide an enriching, creative and experiential music education. Through inquiry, all children are encouraged to create, play and perform music; helping them develop the skills they need to appreciate a wide variety of musical forms.  We aim for every child to have found their means of musical expression that they can continue for life, whether that be through singing or playing a favoured instrument. 


To achieve this, we provide a rich curriculum for all learners that teach skills: how to play, perform, improvise and compose music; how to listen to sounds and understand musical notation; and to develop an understanding of the history of music.


Furthermore, through the use of a peripatetic teacher, children explore their passion with many instruments.  We pride ourselves on being able to give every child the opportunity to play an instrument throughout their time at school, whether it be class, groups or individual lessons. The instruments available help children build on foundations. For instance, we have recorders available for key stage 1 to help them progress on to wind instruments in key stage 2.  Ukulele lessons are available to every year group and are a great choice before moving onto the guitar.


Lastly, we provide experiences such as carol concerts, where children can explore their passion for singing, supported by the local community audience; and arts festivals where children can promote their musical talents using sing, dance and play instruments.  Through resilience, dedication and working together collectively, we have attended the Young Voices event annually, where children can experience being part of a far larger choir community. These events give children’s musical education a genuine purpose and provide memorable experiences.


Opportunities to perform outside of school, within our local environment ensure our children understand its significance and place within the wider world and that these excite and inspire children’s thirst for knowledge and participation in this subject.