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Curriculum Intent

It is our intention to provide opportunities for all children to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to live healthy and happy lives, now and in the future. Through PSHE, pupils at Cuxton are prepared for life in modern Britain, and develop the skills they need to succeed as individuals and as a member of society.

At The Academy of Cuxton Schools , we aim to make certain that the children build up a picture of who they are and how they fit into society as a whole, as an individual and as members of different groups. The aim is fulfilled through the following objectives:-

  • To know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle
  • To develop self-esteem, confidence and increase independence
  • To help the children value themselves and recognise their achievements
  • To be positive and active members in the school and wider communities
  • To develop respect for others, regardless of colour, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or preference, etc
  • To promote an understanding of other people and their feelings
  • To be aware of safety issues
  • To prepare children for life in modern Britain