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Science Curriculum Intent Statement


At the Academy of Cuxton Schools, we aim to support children in the development of their scientific knowledge and skills. We believe a high quality Science education allows children to better understand the world around them and will prepare children for their futures, in secondary education, further education and the world beyond.

Although our Science curriculum follows the structure of the National Curriculum, it is delivered within our topic based learning, engaging the children and delivering a deeper understanding of each subject. Investigation opportunities are provided within each topic and we aim to teach Science lessons with a practical approach when possible. Children regularly take part in in-depth Science investigations, allowing them to dive deeper into each investigation; refine the accuracy of their observation and measurement recording skills; scrutinise their results more precisely; create meaningful and purposeful conclusions that link their learning; and explore further questions that arise from their work.

Our Science curriculum aims to develop the inquisitive nature of children and allow them to learn through exploration and scientific enquiry. As a school, we are particularly keen on developing the use of outdoor Science and believe in the positive impact that this can have on children's learning. Children are given the knowledge they need to approach subjects in a variety of ways, challenging them to develop their own scientific views. Science as a subject is often at the forefront of an ever-changing world and we aim to give our children the skills and knowledge to thrive in it.