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Curriculum Intent

Geography Intent:


At the Academy of Cuxton Schools we aim to inspire the children’s curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, whilst preparing them for a global society.

Our bespoke Geography curriculum enables children to develop a sense of place, whilst exploring, investigating and understanding the human and physical processes that impact the planet.



We encourage children to ask questions that lead to development in their skills to collect, analyze and present a range of data, gathered through experiences of fieldwork, maps, diagrams, globes and Geographical Information System.

In order to enhance and expand children’s skills and experiences, The Academy Of Cuxton Schools is part of the Eco-Schools programme, where children across the key stages are a key part of decision making. We aim to develop and embed skills like analyzing data, planning and developing action plans that lead to a school-wide eco ethos that enables children to build relationships and connect with the wider community.


Experiential learning is a key part of promoting and understanding how the world around us is changing. We have partnered up with Kent County Council in a long term conservation project, “Old Chalk, New Downs”, where children benefit from a variety of workshops, nature walks and observations of the world around them. We aim to enhance their understanding of the natural world, their role in it and through this to raise awareness of the global environmental issues that impact our local area.