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Examples of Learning

Star Work

Each half term, a piece of work is chosen from across the school to reflect the hard work and fantastic progress children are making within science.


Term 1 October 2021

This term’s star work comes from Summer A in Whitebeam Class. Year 6 investigated whether resting heart rate had an effect on running speed as part of our topic on the circulatory system. Summer was able to control variables, write up her experiment to an excellent standard and draw an accurate graph to represent her results. Well done Summer!






Term 2 December 2021


This term's star work comes from Bobbi in year 4 and Poppy S in Willow class.

They both produced investigations of a very high caliber and we were so impressed with their conclusions and ideas for further investigations. Well done girls!laugh


Term 3

This term’s star work comes from Clara in Year 5 and Sophie in Year 2.

Clara’s teacher was very impressed with her investigation into soluble materials.

She made an excellent prediction and clear chronological steps in her method, which could be repeated by anyone wishing to carry out the experiment again. You can see her write-up below.


Year 2 have been investigating how mud is made. Sophie was able to identify and observe changes and make suggestions around how their experiment can be improved next time.


Well done!laugh

Term 4

This term's star work comes from Archie in Olive Class. They have been investigating circuits and learning the correct scientific vocabulary for the equipment they were using. Well done Archie!