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Exciting news! We love the photos and videos you have been sending in and we will be using some of them for a surprise when we return to school! The photos and videos will only be used in accordance with the permissions you have previously given us, and used within school for the pupils to see. So please keep sending in your fantastic photos and videos!


Yesterday you completed a GPAS quiz and identified 3 areas for learning you need to work on. Please spend approximately 20 minutes learning about each and send your teacher a brief summary of what you have learnt.  


Maths - Extension challenge!!


Topic 23rd-28th March 

Over the course of the week we would like you to research Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition on-board The Discovery.  

You could use these websites to help you: 


Once you have completed your research have a go at some of the following activities over the rest of the week: 

  • Create a map detailing the journey The Discovery took, including as much key information as you can. 

  • Create a PowerPoint, non- chronological report or poster to present your research. 

  • Write a diary entry in the role of Shackleton or a member of his crew, detailing what life was like on the journey. 

  • Create a biography or fact file about the life and achievements of Shackleton. 


Something extra


Go outside a make a video for the rest of the class and send it to us. It could be telling us what you have been up to, showing us a new football trick you have mastered, a new tiktok video created, even a tour of the house and family! Anything you like!