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Friday 10th July

Congratulations to everyone who got a certificate this week. You have all been marvellous! Mrs H, Mrs Jones, Mrs Costas and Mrs Mussellwhite have all been amazed in school and loved making the space hats with you. What could we make next week?

Morning Routine 

PE with Mr C The pirate game.  


Play this pirate warm up game or do anything else sporty to get your heart racing. 



Disco Monkeys

1.Revise phase 3 and 4 tricky words. (See resources below if you need the tricky words purple = phase 3, green=phase 4).

running race- Put words at the other side of the garden/room. Shout out a word and child runs the the other side of the room/garden and pick it up to get a point, rpt. with other tricky words. How quickly can you get all of them? You could turn it into a race with multiple children vs adults. 

2. Teach new words oh, their, Mr, Mrs, looked, called  from phase 5 (pink). 

3. Write them in silly sentences. Choose 3 to write. 





1. Speed sounds- flash the sounds up as quick as you can. How fast can you say them? 

2. Recap Phase 2 and 3 tricky words. Write in chalk and rub them out when you say the word. Shoot the right word with a Nerf gun or water pistol, throw bean bags and hit the right word. Try to make it practical and enjoyable. 

3.  Recap- was, you, they. 

Write them as a pyramid in different colours by writing the first letter, then the first and second letter underneath, then the first, second and third letter underneath e.g. 


                    y   o

                  y   o    u  



Make a space picture-  You decide what it's of... aliens, planets, rockets, galaxies etc. See art resources for ideas. 


Techniques you could use: Flick the end of the paintbrush with paint on it to make a star effect.  Dapple/tap the brush onto the page to make planets, paint circles. You could use glitter to make them sparkle. Use chalk and smudge it to blend colours together. 



L.I- To recognise odd and even numbers. 



Game: Don’t say 20.  

Go around the group saying 1 number each. The child who says 20 has to sit down. Repeat until you have a winner.  

You could add other numbers that mean you have to sit down too to make it quicker.  

Challenge- children have to say 2 numbers each time- e.g 1,2, then 3,4, then 5,6. If they make a mistake they sit down.  


Do actions whilst counting up and down from different numbers...   star jumps 4,5,6..   hops, 9, 8, 7...     spins- 14, 15, 16.. etc. Keep saying at least 10 numbers in the pattern before stopping. 



Sort odd and even numbers-

watch the odds and evens numberblocks video to recap:

Recap what odd and even mean- Can be shared/can’t be shared. 

Use the tens frame to show numbers: Odd numbers have an odd object at the top that can't be shared just like the numberblocks video objects to show this and sort numbers on whiteboard.  Then write the numbers in the odd and even column. 

Story time


Whatever next. A lovely story full of imagination.