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Friday 15th May

Happy Friyay! We loved seeing your beautiful butterflies yesterday and pictures of you out and about on nature walks and symmetry hunts. Thank you to those who have let us know how many books your child has read this week we have been amazed by how many children are enjoying reading and using the rising stars website to keep up their practise. Have a look below for the celebration assembly video and  certificates. Maybe it's you this week we are celebrating! Once again we are so grateful to have such supportive parents who are doing their best for their children and helping us continue to teach them as best as we can. Have a lovely weekend and hopefully the sun will shine. 

Celebration assembly video: 


Morning routine  

See if you can keep up with the dance moves. 


You could choose to do Joe Wicks or another physical activity video to keep you healthy and ready for the day. 



It's tricky word day!! 


Disco Ninjas

Listen to the phase 4 tricky words song- can you remember them all?  Can you write the words 5 times in different colours? 

2. Print off the phase 2, 3 and 4 tricky word flash cards (see below)  and recap the ones we have learnt including new words were and there.

3. Can you find them all in a word search? Use the worksheet bellow. 

4. Have a go at writing two simple sentences. One sentence for each new tricky word.


Funky Monkeys

1. Listen to the phase 3 tricky words song- can you remember them all?  

2. Print off the phase 2, 3 and 4 tricky words (From below). Can you read them all? 

3. Recap learning the phase 4 tricky words from last week said, have, so and like. Learn the new tricky words come and some. Can you write them 5 times fast in different colours. 

4. Use the word search below to find them. 

3. Have a go at writing a silly sentence, using one of the new tricky words.



1. Recap all sounds we have learnt so far. 

2. Listen to the tricky words song. Can you remember them? Try to write them down five times as quick as you can. 

3. Print out the phase 2 tricky words (see below): Recap the ones learnt so far mewe and be, was and learn the new word my. Say them in sentences so the children hear how they are used. Adult calls a word out- can chd. whack it or jump on the word? 

4. Can you find the words in the word search (see below). 




You choose your activity for today... 


1. Go on a caterpillar/butterfly hunt.  

Draw caterpillars and butterflies you may find. Write sentences to describe them or where you found them.  If you don’t find any, you could look up British butterflies on the computer/phone.  Which are you favourite and why?


2. How could you make you garden butterfly and bug friendly. How would you do that? What things would the animals love to eat/live in?

Design a garden to help butterflies in your area. (you could draw it or make a model of it). 




Make a 3D art model using various 2D and 3D named shapes. How can you arrange your objects to look the best. Discuss with your grown ups how you have done it. Where do you put the biggest, smallest? What position are they in? Can you describe them by their properties? (Help them use words like behind, on top, next to, beside, underneath, in between). 


Did you find lots of symmetrical objects yesterday? Can you remember what symmetrical means? Can you complete the symmetrical pattern on the worksheet below? 

Story time


Another story by Eric Carle. How can you tell it is the same author and illustrator as the hungry Cateprillar and the bad tempered ladybird? What looks the same?