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Friday 27th March

Friday 27th March

Good morning Oak and Ash class. It’s been so lovely to see everything you’ve been getting up to.  Not only your home learning, but planting, baking, playing games, and all sorts of things.  Your pictures and videos are really making us smile.

Here are your first jobs for today…

Sing our days of the week song.  What day is it today?  Can you find the right song for today?

Now the months of the year song.  Don’t forget to do an action on your month!


Here are some links that you may like- a little bit of fun!


Just Dance- Pirates


Cosmic Yoga- Pirates



Funky Monkeys and Disco Ninja’s

Choose one of these games to play.

Focus on phase 3 sounds



Choose one of these games to play.

Focus on phase 2 sounds and some phase 3 sounds (j, v, w, x, y, z, ch, sh, and th) as you have also learnt those.

Friday is usually ‘Tricky word’ practice so that is what we are going to do today.  Attached is a ‘tricky word’ bingo game.  Get as many members of your family involved as you can. Have fun!

Theme work:

Read a story about a pirate.  If you don’t have a book about pirates then you could watch one of these videos:

Make a pirate ship using your junk modelling you’ve been collecting.  If you don’t have any ‘junk’ then you could use Lego, Duplo or any other construction you have at home.  Other things you could make are, a telescope, a pirate hat, an eye patch, a hook or a hooped earring!  You can be as creative as you like.



Our last day of 3D shapes!

Attached are some 3D shape cards.  Print them off (or copy them) and use them to play a memory game.  This should help with learning the names and a bit about each shape.  Choose the one which you think will be the most appropriate for your child as you know how well they are getting to grips with 3D shapes!