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Good morning, Cherry Class!


I want to say a huge well done to everyone. It’s been a strange two weeks but you’ve worked so hard and I’m proud of every single one of you. Well done!


One more day until your Easter break!

Happy Birthday FJ and AD! Have a wonderful day!



Here are today’s jobs:




Joe Wicks’ PE at 9 o’clock:




Re-read your story so far, ensure it makes sense.  

Is there anything that you could change or improve? 


Check to make sure that you have followed your plan.  

What have you got left to write about? 


You should be finishing the climax/build-up/problem 

Moving on to the resolution and finishing your story. 


Once you’ve finished, check your punctuation and spelling as you did yesterday. 


You might like to draw a picture to go with your story, or design a book cover for it. 




Give yourself 20 minutes to have a break.




Big Maths. You can print out the sheet and write on it or you can type your answers in the boxes.


Don’t worry if some of them seem tricky. Some of these topics are ones we haven’t covered yet.


The answers are here for after you’ve finished.



Take an hour to have some lunch and a break.




Today, we’re looking at habitats. Look at the PowerPoint, then write, type or draw a poster about an animal of your choice and its habitat. (I’ve left a sheet here to help you with your ideas if you get stuck).

It can be any animal you like J



Write or type the ten words that you chose on Monday. Have you spelled them correctly?







There you have it! Two weeks of learning done!


Have a well-deserved Easter break and I’ll talk to you all soon.


Stay safe and take care.


Miss Hodder