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Good morning, Magnolia Class!


Hasn’t the weather been beautiful this week? I hope you’ve managed to enjoy the sunshine.


Here are today’s jobs:



Joe Wicks:



Listen to the beginning of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: 



You’re Invited! 


You have been invited to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!!  


Here is your golden ticket to gain entry! See you there! 

Imagine you are standing outside Willy Wonka’s Factory – write to describe how you would be feeling and what you might see. Can you smell the different sweets and treats being made in the factory? Are you excited? Scared? Ecstatic? 

You could do this in the style of a diary. 



Give yourself 20 minutes to take a break.



Today, we’re looking at comparing fractions.


Click the link:


Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April)


Lesson 4 – Order fractions


Watch the video.


Next, open up the task sheet and have a go at answering the questions.


You can either print it out and write your answers on the sheet, or you can open it up and type your answers in the answer boxes.


If any of the questions are too tricky, you can skip them or come back to them later.


It’s lunch time so take an hour to have some lunch and have a break.



Have a go at writing your spelling words (the Week 1 words OR the Scrumdiddlyumptious words from yesterday – it’s up to you!)


See how many you can spell correctly.



Take a look at this YouTube channel:


Choose an animal to draw on a piece of paper.


If you’re feeling extra artistic, maybe you could have a go at drawing afew and create your own picture with different animals.






News Bites:


News Bites Quiz:


What a great first week back! Well done, Magnolia Class!


Have a great weekend!


Mr O’Mallan