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Good morning Elm Class, its FriYAY! Yay! I hope you had a great day yesterday and you are ready for some more learning today. Are you looking forward to the half term? Remember next week is half term so we won't be setting any work. If you're stuck for things to do or you want to extend your learning, have a look at the useful websites.  Don’t forget to get an adult at home to email me your completed work. 😊




Peg race.  Play with a family member.  Get some pegs and paper plates/card/something else sturdy.  Count out 20 pegs each.  Have a race to see who can peg their pegs onto the plate first.  Let me know who wins on your email! 


Read your reading book with an adult or sibling. Adult to ask you questions about what you have read - - Oxford Owl have lots of free reading books that you can download and read!


Spelling Test!


Every Friday, after the spelling test, we normally play a board game with our families. Today, I would like you to create your own board game, using Tricky words. Afterwards, play your game with your family and later on, check out the class page and play your friends’ games!



Finishing the story.

Today we are going to write our story ending.  Check your story plan and then re-read what you have written already.

Don’t forget the checklist!!


If you would like to, you can record yourselves reading your story and send it to me :) 


Break - Grab a healthy snack and a drink and have a break. Could you go outside to get some fresh air?


Number Bonds -


Starter – Become lifeguards by using the place value chart and counters to save the swimmers! How many points can you get? -


Today, I would like you to follow compass directions to get to a famous London landmark. Before we start, listen and dance to this song about compass directions -


Complete the worksheet attached. Can you get to all of the landmarks?


Don’t forget about Numbots! -


Lunch – What’s for lunch, today?


Online PE lesson with Joe Wicks -

Oti Mabuse Dance lessons -

Just Dance -

Yoga -

Explore GoNoodle and stay active!


I would like to you create a power point page on the information you have found out about London. If you haven’t got access to power point, you can make a factual poster about London.