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Friday 5th June

Morning Routine


Go outside and make assault course out of chalk on playground e.g.  Jump spots, zis sag lines, follow concentric circles, star jumps, balance line, etc.  


OR  Mario's meatball run. 



Tricky word day... 


Disco Monkeys

1. Listen to the phase 4 tricky words song- can you remember them all?  

2. Print off the phase 2, 3 and 4 tricky words learnt (said, have, so, like, some, come, there, were) (Find them in additional resources). Learn new words little and one

Game: You could attach them to skittles and play bowling with them- read the words you knock down, throw the ball at a selected word, play snap with the cards., hide and seek You choose a way your child will like. 

3. Can you write some of the words in silly sentences. You could write them in silly colours to make it more interesting. 

Recap: said, so, have, like, some, come. were, there 

Teach: little, one 



1. Recap all sounds we have learnt so far. 

2. Listen to the tricky words song. Can you remember them? Try to write them down five times as quick as you can.  

3. Print out the phase 2 and 3 tricky words (see below): Recap the ones learnt so far mewe, be, was and my. Teach new word you. Say them in sentences so the children hear how they are used. 

4. Game: You could attach them to skittles and play bowling with them, wrtie them in chalk on the ground and wash them away with sponges, play snap with the cards., hide and seek You choose a way your child will like. 

Recap: was, my,  

Teach: you 



LI: To use adjectives in my writing 

    To use finger spaces between my words. 


Watch virtual zoo tour... 


Go on a virtual animal tour of the school grounds/garden/park- write on clipboards what you find.  

Describe the animals you see and describe them on your clipboard.  

Buzzing bee, black ant, speedy bird, scary wasp, pretty butterfly etc.. 

Go back to the classroom and write what you have found. 

e.g On my walk I found a buzzing bee. 

     I went out and I saw a black bird flying. 


Challenge: Can you write in sentences. use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.




Counting in 10s 

Stand in a circle.You all start on 3 lives. 

Take it in turns to say a number counting in 10s. E.g. you say 10, I say 20, you say 30 I say 40 etc.  

 The first person to get it wrong loses a point. Rpt the game until someone wins. 

(To make it easier you can  have the 10s numbers in front of you). 



Children to use 4 objects from their tray (in school) and order them from heaviest to lightest- teacher could add 1 or 2 extra objects to tray.  Challenge children's thinking- why do they think this. 


Go out in your garden and find 4 objects and order from lightest to heaviest. Why do you think this? How do you know?   You could weigh them to check. 

Story time 

The tiger who came to tea