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Hi Magnolia Class, 

I’m so pleased to see how well you’re all doing with your home learning! Well Done!


PE - Start the day with Joe Wicks


I know lots of you have been enjoying this each morning.



Spelling - Friday is usually spelling test day. Ask someone at home to test you on the spellings that you have been practicing this week.

Use the time conjunctions to fill in the gaps.

Maths task -

For maths today you need to use what you know about multiplying and dividing to solve the word problem.

Think about what each question is asking you. 

Do you need to multiply or divide?

English - 

For English today you need to finish your leaflet if you haven’t already.


If your leaflet is finished already, then I would like you to imagine you were going on a trip.


Your trip could be to anywhere. 

Where would you go? (Describe the place)

What would you take with you? 

Who might you meet there? (Describe who)

Reading - 

Read for 20 minutes or so. 

Tell an adult about your favourite part of whatever you have read


Art - 

Follow the video to draw an Easter bunny. Stop and start the video as much as you need.


When you’ve finished drawing, feel free to colour.

Remember when you are sketching, you should hold your pencil about half way up and take your time!

Assembly - 


Please do not feel that you have to have a conversation about what is happening at the moment.


If your child is worried about the current situation then please feel free to use this story as a way to open a conversation.

Well done Magnolia Class! You have completed the first week of Home Learning!


I am so proud of you all!


Mr O’Mallan