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Good morning Chestnut Class!


Fri-yay! It is the last Friday in Year 5 my lovely Chestnuts!


I wanted to thank you for all the lovely thoughts and presents you have gifted me. heart

I am truly grateful to have had the chance to be your teacher and I am absolutely positive you will be amazing next year.


I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Love Mrs S heart




Huge hugs for all of you <3

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Daily non-negotiables


1. Spelling practice - Please choose 10 words/week from the Year 5 - 6 list that you will find it below, practice, learn and test yourself at the end of every week. Will you beat your previous score? Check the games suggestions that could make learning spellings more enjoyable. Happy spelling!

2. Times table practice - access your account for TT Rockstars (if you do not have your log-in, ask your parents/guardians to send me an email requesting these details and I will send them back to you.) -

3. Reading for pleasure - 30 min daily

4. Active time - PE with Joe - 


English - Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th July


Today, we would like you to continue to work your way through the GPAS booklet below, which will test lots of your English skills. It is quite lengthy so that is why we have given you two days to complete it. You don't need to print it all out if you don't wish, answers on paper will be fine. The answer booklet is attached so you can see how well you have done! Have fun! laugh


If you were super speedy with the GPAS yesterday, there is a comprehension for you below. THIS IS ENTIRELY OPTIONAL!laugh

Maths - Friday 17.07.2020


Friday Challenge is back for the last time!

Today you will be challenging yourselves by doing the Big Maths activities. Choose whatever activity suits you best.


Good luck! yes

Topic 13.07- 17.07 - Computing and Art


We thought to test your computing, editing and artistic skills this week. Don't panic, there is nothing to worry about.


Your task for this week will be to create a meme about Year 6. Ideas that could go on the meme could be around Y6 behaviour expectations, subjects, friendships, lessons, teachers, wishes etc.


What is a meme? A meme is an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme.

A meme is something such as a video, picture, or phrase that a lot of people send to each other on the internet.


You can get inspiration from the internet, but be mindful to only use websites that are secure. Before doing this, check with your parents for permission.


In order to create your meme, you can use various programmes like Paint, Word PowerPoint, Publisher.

To make the meme is quite easy, once you have chosen your background image, paste onto the chosen programme then, all you need is add a text (about Y6) on top of it and play with it's positioning.


Creativity is the buzz word so be as imaginative as you want, but I urge you to be sensible and respectful in the message you want to transmit.