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Maths - Friday Test



English in school –

Watch this video clip for the video “Day of the dead”.

What do you think it is about? What happened in it? Does the child’s emotions change throughout the story? What do you know about ‘The day of the dead’?

Task 1- Write a character description of one of characters within the short story, or a an extra made up character that could fit into the story. Would you pick the little Mexican girl? Or one of the skeletons? Both? Do their descriptions change drastically?

Remember to describe them as they do something to add movement to your description:

E.g “ Her brown curly hair bobbed up and down on the shoulders and she skipped through the warm summer breeze”.

Focus on their eyes, their body shape, what they are wearing, colours, feelings, what type of person they are, really build up the image for me as the reader.


Task 2 –

Watch the clip from 8 mins – 10 mins

Write a setting description of what Miguel sees during the crossing of the day of the dead. How do the spirits enter and return to the world? What does he see all around him? Smell? Hear? Touch?

Make sure you use all his senses to describe the process he sees and all the skeletons around him. Make sure it is really colourful, magical and engaging for the reader.


“Miguel gazed at the endless bridges of orange petals before him, each petal so delicate, beautiful and vibrant in colour. The petals covered the feet of all the passers-by as if they were wading through a shallow stream of flowing water.”


English at home –

Task 1 - What is the day of the dead? Or Dia de los Muertos?

Using these websites research and present to us information about the day of the dead. When does it take place? Why do people celebrate it? Who celebrates it? How do they celebrate?

You can display your research however you like! Powerpoint, poster, factfile, whatever is best for you!


Task 2 –

Write your own short story using Dia de los Muertos for inspiration!

Make sure you include a great character description, setting description, have a build up, something exciting/shocking happen then… the ending!


This is a short story so must be no more than 2 pages of writing!! If you are typing it on the computer, no more than 1 page!!

Think carefully and precisely about what you want to write and plan it first so it fits and you do not lose track.


This video clip may help you if you have not watched it already in school:

The Disney film COCO can also be used for great inspiration!


Have a go at colouring your own day of the dead skull, you can download one here:

Or, copy out the outline and create your own design entirely!