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Good morning Chestnut!


This is the start of a new adventure and I know it is a leap into the unknown but, knowing you, I am confident you will succeed in achieving any goals we set together. Remember, that you can always contact me by sending me an e-mail, I'm only a few clicks away. I would love you to send me photos or to tell me how your day was, the same as before.

Trust yourselves, trust your knowledge and give it a go! You can do this! yes

Love, Mrs S heart


How everything is going to work:

Every day, I will upload the new work, together with a brief explanation and PowerPoints or other links if necessary.

This work will need to be completed, scanned or photographed and emailed back to me by 15:00 the next day at the latest. Therefore, the work for Monday will have to be emailed back to me by Tuesday 15:00 the latest.  (Please do not feel you need to print everything, writing on a different paper/notebook is perfectly fine).

If you are stuck, check the PowerPoint I have uploaded or ask your parents for a bit of help. Older brothers or sisters can help too, even if they are sometimes pickles smiley

Please ensure that all work is named and dated or that the subject header of the email includes the child’s name and the date of the work.

If you do not have your log in details, ask your parents to send me an email requesting these details and I will send them back to you.


Exciting news! We love the photos and videos you have been sending in and we will be using some of them for a surprise when we return to school! The photos and videos will only be used in accordance with the permissions you have previously given us, and used within school for the pupils to see. So please keep sending in your fantastic photos and videos!


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