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Term 6 Targets are...........


  • In Non-fiction, I can use organisational features in a range of appropriate font size, such as headings, subheadings, captions and labels
  • I can use the possessive apostrophe in all cases correctly and know when an apostrophe is not needed for irregular plurals



  • I can recall multiplication facts for the 6, 7 and 12’s times tables
  • I can recognise and use factor pairs and commutative in mental calculations



  • I can retrieve and record information from a range of texts using appropriate strategies.

Welcome to Maple Class!

Teacher - Miss Giocondi 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Curtis

Spelling Wasp Winner Term 5.................

Hannah Fox!!

Well Done Hannah!

Term 5's targets are;



Target 1 - I can complete a simple symmetric figure with respect to a specific line of symmetry.

Target 2 - I can compare and classify geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles, based on their properties and sizes.



Target 1 - I can spell words which end in tion, sion, ssion and cian correctly.

Target 2 - I can use ation to create verbs from nouns.



I can draw inferences such as characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions and events in the text.


We will no longer be sending targets home, unless they have a specific target they need to achieve.

Maple's first trip into Forest School!

Maple's first trip into Forest School! 1
Maple's first trip into Forest School! 2
Maple's first trip into Forest School! 3
Maple's first trip into Forest School! 4
Maple's first trip into Forest School! 5
Maple's first trip into Forest School! 6

Welcome to Term 4

Road Trip USA!


We have an exciting term ahead. We will be reading the wonderful book "Twist of Gold" by Michael Morpurgo, all about Annie and Sean O'Brien and their travels from Ireland to America during the time of the potato famine.

During this term we will be linking our subjects to America and the text. In geography, we will be looking at the location, size and features of the United States, including many famous landmarks, whether natural or made. In history, we will be covering the Victorian era in Ireland and America at the time of the potato famine.


Spelling Wasp

Your children may have already told you that at the end of every term we run a Spelling Wasp! (Our version of the Spelling Bee).

In the last week of term the children have 20 spellings words to revise, these are all words that they have learnt over the term, so it should be revision for them. The top scorers will done have a "sudden death!" competition, leaving 1 (or sometimes 2), clear winners.


Term 3, our winner was Callie Dowden! Well done Callie


Term 2, our winners were Ikemba Nwoha and Frank Smith! Well done boys!


I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break.

We have got some fantastic things to look forward to this half term, including our Class Assembly on 29th January. The children are already underway in preparing it for you!


Our Topic this term is "1066" and is a great topic for the children to learn some important events in British history, plus we have a really exciting text to go with it!


We have a BIG focus on Times tables this term with testing taking place week commencing January 21st. This is a statutory, National focus. I know you will support your children in Times table practice at home. Remember, TTROCKSTARS is a great tool for the children to develop quick recall with their tables, and is really great fun for the children.

Year 4 Charity Event for

The Royal British Legion



This term, Year 4 have been raising money for The Royal British Legion. They have been working incredibly hard selling Poppies and other Poppy Appeal items across the school. Year 4 also decided to come up with a fundraising event… a Fashion Show!


This event will be taking place on the 14th November, in the KS2 hall, 3.30 – 4.30.

Adult ticket – £2

Children – free (donations welcome)

Tickets can be bought on the door.


The children have chosen how they would like to participate in the event. Some are taking part in the show itself, others have decided to be involved in the organising/ production side. We even have a few security guards!


We are aware that some children have in school clubs that they attend on a Wednesday, however for this day please could children be encouraged to participate in our year 4 event.

Refreshments will also be for sale for this event and all money raised will go to The Royal British Legion.

Thank you for your continued support.

Welcome back Maple class! I hope you've all had a fabulous half term. We have a great topic to get our teeth into this term!







There has been a slight change to when we test children on their spellings. In order to keep it consistent throughout the school, children will receive their new spelling list on a Monday and will be tested on a Friday.


The list of spellings will be on the website, so that if any child forgets to bring them home, they can be easily accessed.

Please note, that all groups will be doing the same spellings each week to keep in line with the year 4 curriculum, however, those children in the groups Tigers and Jaguars can focus on the first 5 spellings in the list only, and will only be tested on those. If they wish to learn more of the spellings in the list, and can do so accurately, this will be a great achievement.

Our PE days are Mondays and Tuesdays. P.E kits should be kept in school for an entire term, and taken home at the end of the term to be washed. However, when swimming starts, this will take the place of a PE session.


Earrings should be taken out wherever possible or medical tape wrapped around the earrings to protect the ear. If medical tape is needed, then this also needs to be kept in the child's P.E bag.

Please see the P.E policy for any more information.

Year 3/4 Spelling list.

Please see the attachment, which details the year 3/4 spellings from the National Curriculum