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Welcome to Maple Class!

Teacher - Miss Giocondi 

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Osborne and Mrs Riggall



Exciting news! We love the photos and videos you have been sending in and we will be using some of them for a surprise when we return to school! The photos and videos will only be used in accordance with the permissions you have previously given us, and used within school for the pupils to see. So please keep sending in your fantastic photos and videos!

Term 4 Targets

Personal Development

To listen and respond respectfully to a wide range of people


To recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of tenths or hundredths


To name and locate all states of the USA


See how the children met Term 3's targets

Well done Valerie!

Who became Term 3's Spelling Wasp champion for Maple class. A great big well done to everyone else you took part.

Please remember to look in Term 3's tab at the bottom, to see all the wonderful learning we have been doing this term.

Year 3/4 Spelling list.

Please see the attachment, which details the year 3/4 spellings from the National Curriculum

Online Safety

If you feel worried or scared about something you see when you are using the internet and you are not sure what to do, please click on the link below for some help. If you can, find a trusted adult to talk to as well.