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Monday 1st June

Morning Routine 


P.E with Joe  


Due to staffing and a combination of planning for home and school, we have taken the decision to combine Funky Monkeys and Disco Ninjas phonics groups. They will now be following the same plan each day. This allows for the two groups to be taught at school with 1 adult each. 



1. Go through sounds- active dance Mr MC?  

2. Use flash cards to practise the digraphs (e.g. sh, ch, th, ai, ee etc). keep practising the ones you are unsure of. 

3. Write flash cards with the following words on- mad, dip, back, leg, kick, zap, jug, mess, lull, moss, hip, van 

You can play hide and seek with the words, splat them as you read them, throw balls at the right word etc to practise. them. 

4. Recap 'oa' sound: complete worksheet 


Funky Monkeys and Disco Ninjas

1.  Recap all the sounds you know on flash cards. 

2. If at home: complete the game  play any set 1-7 and digraph game      Disco ninjas- revise all including multisyllabic words 

3. read words with cr, br, fr blends in:

creep, crisp, crunch, crack, brink, brick, brat, bramble, frog,  fret, fridge, free, frank, Use whiteboard to write and read words. 

4. Can you write the words in the right spelling column? (See worksheet). 




LI: To respond to a story using relevant questions and answers.  


Read Dear Zoo Topic Text  

Talk about your favourite animals. Could we have any of these animals at home with us as pets? Why not? Mention diet, habitat or size 

Do you have any pets at home? 


AT School: Animal PE- go outside and pretend to be the animals as you read the book to them again.  


Draw and describe your favourite pet that you would have at home. 




Counting in 10s.  (First time the class have tried this)  

If the song isn’t for you, try counting 10 hens because hens count in tens. (Print off 10 hens 10x).  

Use numicon in 10s to show what counting in 10s is.  


LI: To be able to recognise and continue an action pattern. 

     To make up there own action pattern.  

Banana meatball pattern song 


Action patterns 

Can you make up your own patterns. Choose confident child to make one up.  

Clap your hands nod you head rpt. 2 step pattern 

Jump up and down, turn around and do a silly dance 3step pattern.  


Try a 4 step pattern? 


Story time 


Mr Worsfold to add video