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Good morning, everyone!

Hope you’re all doing okay and had a good weekend.

Here are your jobs for today. Don’t forget to ask Mum, Dad or whoever looks after you to e-mail it to me J



At 9 o’clock, Joe Wicks will be on YouTube to do PE with us.

Click this link on YouTube:



This week, we’re creating a leaflet for a zoo or world of your own.  


For today, create a map of your zoo or world that could go inside the leaflet. This can be a whole A4 side. 


Try including a key so that we can locate different parts of your zoo/world.


Perhaps you could label each section – which animals are where? 


Your zoo/world should include: 

  • Café  
  • Play area 
  • Toilets  
  • Information centre 
  • Education centre 
  • Gift shop. 


Give yourself 20 minutes to rest or do something fun. You’ve earned it!



Today, we’re doing more multiplication (the same as last week).

There are three different jobs to choose from: Job 1 (Medium), Job 2 (Challenging) and Job 3 (Extremely Challenging).

Choose whichever one you like and give it a go. If you want to, you can do more than one.

There’s a PowerPoint here to help you, too!


Take an hour to have some lunch and give yourself a break.



Spend 20 minutes or so reading a book.



Draw a picture of yourself in the middle of a piece of paper.


Around the picture, write at least five things about yourself that you’re proud of. (eg. I’m kind; I’m a fast runner; I make people laugh.)


If you have time, write three things that you would like to do. (eg. One day, I’d like to be a vet.)


I;m sure you'll all have plenty of ideas.


Assembly (sort of!)

Log on to Espresso:


Your log-in is:

Username: student17015

Password: cuxton


Place the arrow over Key Stage 2 and click News.


Click on News Bites + Quiz and give it a watch!


Well done on your first day of home learning. 


Stay safe and take care.


Miss Hodder