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Monday 30th March 2020


Hi there my lovely Olives! I hope you had a brilliant weekend and enjoyed some time outside in the sunshine. On Sunday morning it actually snowed at my house which was really weird! Did it snow where you were?

I've been so pleased with the amazing work you have been sending me, and I really look forward to seeing photos of you. One of you sent me an amazing video of you singing with your Dad playing the guitar. Another one of you read me a story in Polish! Can you guess who these talented Olives were?

Callie's mum has allowed me to put a picture of her on here, busy painting rocks. She has been hiding them around Cuxton village, so if you are able to go for a walk around there, make sure you look out for them!


I have also attached today, some letters that you have written for your friends. Part of your English work today, is to enjoy reading them. There are also some pictures attached of the paper planes that some of you made! The designs were fantastic and I'm glad you enjoyed making and flying them!

Solution to Friday's riddle was - David.


Sending you all lots of virtual hugs!

Mrs C smileyheart


Please complete for me today :


P.E  Complete your daily workout with Joe Wicks.



30 Mins reading


Complete the following Maths and English.




English : Past and present tense.


Try the quiz on the PP and then try the worksheet. Good luck!

Extra Maths Challenge - Not compulsory


If you want to challenge yourself, click on the link below, find today's date and click on the challenge you think suits you.

This is not part of your daily home learning unless you want to challenge yourself. Do not feel that you need to do it, this is entirely optional. I hope you find it interesting.

Topic Project for week beginning 30th March


This week we would like you to get your wildlife watching skills ready!


Using one of the websites below, or one of your choosing, we would like you to keep a 'Scientific diary' of daily observations of an animal of your choice. For example, you could create a diary entry of what you have seen that day on a webcam. This could be about what the animal looks like, what it's habits are, daily feeding regimes, how it interacts with other animals. You could add drawings to this or include facts about where these animals come from in the world (maybe including a map).

Maybe you could talk about whether the animal is endangered and how people can help the species to survive. 


If you don't want to look at webcams, you could keep a diary of all the birds/wildlife you can see in your garden. The RSPB are running a 'Breakfast Birdwatch on twitter every morning from 8am, if you want to join in. Also don't forget you can login to our school bird box - log on to Cuxton's website, then community links, then bird box. Let us know if you see any eggs!


You can present your findings in whatever way you like - paper, word or Power point!


We are looking forward to all the interesting facts you can find! Have fun!!smiley