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Good morning, Magnolia!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Your learning last week was fantastic! Keep up the great work!

Here are your jobs for today:



Joe Wicks is back on YouTube at 9 o’clock:



Choose your favourite story to read or listen to with your adult – You could find it on YouTube if you don’t have the book. 

Think about what makes a good story. 


Things to think about: 

  • What does it include? 
  • How does it start?  
  • What is the main part? 
  • How does it finish? 
  • What is the setting? 



You are going to be writing a story including a predator. 


Today you need to come up with a setting for your story – Where might a predator live? 


The jungle? 

The rainforest?  

The Zoo? 


Write a description of the setting for your story. 


Remember to include: 

  • What can be seen? 
  • What can be heard? 
  • How does it feel being there? 
  • What is the weather like? 
  • Use powerful adjectives 



Give yourself 20 minutes to have a break.




Today, we’re going to look at partitioning.


Partitioning is where we break a number into tens and ones (or hundreds, tens and ones).


Just like this:


84 = 80 + 4            37 = 30 +7             12 = 10 + 2


Have a go at the sheet and, if you like, the extension.

As always, check the PowerPoint if you get stuck.


Lunch time! Have an hour to eat and do something fun.



Take a look at the PowerPoint of the prehistoric creatures OR watch the video:

After that, look at these sheets. Choose some prehistoric creatures to write about, filling in the boxes.



Choose two words that you've already learnt from each week of this term. These will be the ten words that you'll be tested on on Friday.



Log on to News Bites:


Click: Key Stage 2 > Rivers.


Choose some activities to try.


Well done! First day of your second week all done!