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Welcome back Year 6!


We hope you have all had a lovely 2 weeks off and have enjoyed the sunshine over the Easter weekend. We hope you have eaten as many Easter eggs as we have and that you are still chatting to each other through WhatsApp, skype or FaceTime.


Thank you to some Year 6s who made a toilet roll video back to us in response to ours! We really appreciated it and it put a smile on all our faces. We hope you enjoyed ours, if you haven't not watched it yet, go check it out!


We cannot wait to get emails from you all again and please let us know what you and your families have been up to. We miss you all terribly and hope you are all just taking each day as it comes. We are all in this together!!


Keep smiling and stay safe!


Mrs Jennings, Mrs Searle and Mr Brett.



Maths work has changed slightly, each day we will post a website link to your maths work.

On that webpage you will find:

A video to help you with your learning

A worksheet

The answers


Please do as much of the worksheet as you can and if there are any tricky questions feel free to leave or ask an adult (if possible) to help you.


Monday's lesson is Summer Term - Week 1 (w/c 20th April) Lesson 1 on the link below.

PLEASE DO NOT DO QUESTION 1 (it requires a protractor).

Trouble finding your Maths work...


Over the course of the week, observe and study an animal using the website:


Every day, you should check in on the webcams and make observation notes on what you see (remember to check regularly as some animals won’t appear on camera at all times).


During the week, you should also complete some (or all) of the following:

  • Research and create a fact file/non-chronological report about your chosen species of animal.
  • Write a descriptive piece, imagining what it would be like to encounter your animal in the wild.
  • Create a piece of artwork inspired by your animal (you may like to use the website to help you).
  • Create a food web that includes your chosen animal.
  • Design (and create a model of) a new enclosure for your chosen animal, explaining your design choices.

Something extra


Play a board game or party game with other people in your family.

Take a picture or just let us know what you have played. Who won? Was there an family rivalry?