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Good morning, Cherry Class!


I hope you had a great VE day and enjoyed your long weekend. It’s hard to believe we only have two weeks left of the term!



PE with Joe Wicks:



Take a look at your spellings for this week (Week 4) and see if you can find out what they mean.




Listen to the next part of the story. 


This week you will be writing a diary entry in role as Charlie  This week you are not you - you are Charlie Bucket. 


Think about the following (you do not need to write the answers) 

  • What is a diary entry? (Not the sort of diary someone might write their secrets) 
  • Why do people write them? 
  • When do people write them? 
  • What sorts of things do people write about in them? 


Discuss with someone in your house. 

  • Is a diary fact or opinion? 
  • Could there be elements of both? 


Have a look at the diary entry given to remind yourself what a diary entry looks like and how it should read. Make some notes if you want to. 

Listen to the story: 


Create a mind map including all of the different feelings that Charlie would be having at this part of the story.  


Start writing the beginning of your diary – only talk about what it was like walking up to the chocolate factory and waiting outside. (This should be based on the story NOT the film version.) 


Things to include: 

  • Past tense 
  • Personal pronouns – (I, me, we etc) 
  • Describes thoughts, feelings and points of view 
  • Opinions as well as facts 
  • Time conjunctions to link events 
  • Organised into paragraphs 


Remember you are not writing the entire diary today! You will finish writing tomorrow. Today should only be about walking up towards the chocolate factory with Grandpa Joe and waiting to go inside. 



Have a break for 20 minutes.



Today, we’re doing some more multiplication and division.


Click the link:


Summer Term – Week 4 (w/c 11 May)


Lesson 1 – Multiplying and dividing by 4 and 8


Watch the video.


Next, open up this task sheet and have a go at answering the questions.


You can either print it out and write your answers on the sheet, or you can open it up and type your answers in the answer boxes.


If any of the questions are too tricky, you can skip them or come back to them later.


Take an hour to have some lunch and have a break.



Take half an hour to do some reading.



For Geography, we’re going to be looking at settlements.


Settlements are places or locations where people decide to live, like towns or villages.


I’d like to see what you already know about settlements. Open up the quiz and have a go at answering the questions.


You can use the PowerPoint and click the answers or open the quiz sheet and type your answers.


News Bites VE Special:


As always, a big well done to all of you.


Take care and stay safe.


Miss Hodder