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Good morning Willow Class,


I hope you've all had a great weekend and are all set for another week of hard work. Thank you to everyone who emailed in their work and photographs. It's been great to see so many of you enjoying the nice weather and having fun doing the things you enjoy.


I can't wait to see the great work you produce this week.


Stay safe,

Mr Brett

TTRS Tournament update


Whitebeam vs Willow


We won!!! With 20, 635 points!

A huge thank you to: Bailey, Sophie, Rupert, Dexter, Charlotte, William, Jack, Olivia, Liam, Sam, Albie, Cadee, Matthew, Jayden, Ferne, Daisy, George and Isabella who all helped us secure the trophy!


A special thank you to Josh who got us over 8,000 points! Amazing times tables Josh!




This week, we shall complete our study of WW2, focusing on the importance of rationing and the use of propaganda. Have a go at as many of the following activities as you can, throughout the week.

  • Read the rationing PowerPoint. Design an information leaflet explaining why rationing was introduced and how the rationing process worked.
  • Complete the rationing comprehension activity. If you are confident with comprehension, try the 3 star difficulty; if you are less confident with comprehension, try the 1 star difficulty.
  • Have a look at the wartime recipe booklet. If you have the ingredients, have a go at creating one of the recipes. Write a review of your meal and let us know how it compares to modern day food. If you don’t have the right ingredients, why not have a go at designing your own rationed recipe for a meal or dessert – refer back to the rationing PowerPoint for a reminder on the foods that would have been available.
  • Use the Design Your Own Propaganda PowerPoint to create your own war time propaganda poster. Have a look at the other examples if you need more inspiration.
  • Have a go at creating a modern day propaganda poster. It could be aimed at keeping people safe during the current pandemic or another relevant topic you can think of.

Something extra


 Go outside and create a home for a bug/ animal or even an imaginary creature like a fairy house.

Use whatever you can find, get creative and send us a picture of your outside home.