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English in school -

Spend 2 days planning and writing a letter to someone else in the class you have not spoken to!

We will send them your letter for you via email or printed out and hopefully we some class communication going on. it would be great if you could write to someone you haven't spoken to at all, especially someone at home if you are coming back into school.

English Task in school:


English at Home:

For you English task at home, we would like you to write a short piece about a family member that has inspired you in some way and how they have done so. It could be anything from the way you act, hobbies and interests you have or talents you share. You could also share this with that family member to let them know they have inspired you.


Maths Lesson 1:


Weekly Topic:

This week we would like you to create a family tree of your family. It can include as many generations as you like but we’d expect to see at least 3: you and your siblings, your parents, your grandparents. If you are unsure how to create a family tree, use the examples in the PowerPoint to help you.


Daily Topic Lesson:

Extra History Lesson - The Vikings