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Monday 22nd June

Welcome back and Thank you! 


We would like to say a massive thank you to Mr Wheeler who has been helping support Ash class' learning whilst Miss Robinson has been recovering. His support has been invaluable to both children and staff so thank you Mr Wheeler! 


We welcome back Miss Robinson today who has opened another bubble in school to help more children come back safely to school. The bubble will be made of Ash and Oak class children and will take on any other children who come back to school this academic year. She will be supported by Mrs Ostridge, our SEN support specialist. We have missed you Miss Robinson! Good luck on your first day back! 


Please now send any correspondence about Ash class' learning to Miss Robinson and Mr Worsfold. 

C's retelling of a dinosaur story! Go C!

Still image for this video

Morning Routine  


Joe Wicks 5 minute exercise.   




1. Read flash sound cards phase 2 and 3. Recap ones that your child finds difficult.

2. -Recap phase 2 cvc , ck, ng, sh, qu, th, ss, ff words. Use the flash words in the resources section.  

map, dam, sip, yes, fuss, huff, jazz, sack, quick, sang. shin, dash, rack 

3. Teach new sound- ear  3 letters make 1 sound! Say it in funny voices and flash it up many times whilst saying the sound. Can you play hide and seek with the sound around the house. 

4. Read words: hear, ear, fear, tear, beard, shear,   watch video for idea on teaching the words with ear sound. 

5. Print off worksheet and draw pictures to go with the ear words. 


Disco Monkeys 

1. Read flash sounds from phase 3. Can you remember all of them? 

2. Recap phase 3 and 4 words- string, flag, brick, crouch, shrug, creek, blank, struck, thrash, creek, paint, pointer

3. PHASE 5- Teach new sound- ay.  Do we know another way of showing the ay sound= ai. There are two ways of writing this sound. 

Show and read words with ay- pay, day, say, away, praying, clay, hay, delay 

4. Print worksheet can you find words that rhyme with day. Write as many down as possible. 

Topic- Non-Fiction


What is a dinosaur? 

Use Powerpoints  below: What is a dinosaur and dinosaur names- Can print the dinosaur names out for children to draw and write in child initiated?


Vocab to teach: extinct, asteroid, adapt, 


Think of other questions to answer. How could you find this out? Talking about technology, books to find information.  Find facts about dinosaurs out on computer. (use google, fact cards underneath)




Practise speed writing 4 and 5. Use whiteboards/chalk/pens. 

Rainbow writing- write over a number in different colours so it looks like a rainbow. 


Play 1 more/1 less game… 

Have flash cards 1-20- show a card and you have to say 1 more or 1 less (decide first) than that number. Child gets a point for saying it first.  

Show on number line to help understanding. 



Sometimes it’s easier to count objects in sets of 2s or 5s. It makes it quicker.  

Practise sorting different amounts of objects into arrays of 2 and count in 2s. Then arrays of 5 and count in 5s. (Up to 25).


Use objects around the house and spread out on floor to count objects up to 20. Make sure children are confident counting in 1s first. If not, practise this skill. Then move onto 2s, then 5s.   


Maths magician challenge- use objects up to 40.  

Story time


The Invisible string 


This is a lovely story about how we are all connected when we care about each other. A good story for separation anxiety.