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Good morning Elm class!  I hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend! Can you believe that it is our last full week of home learning together?!  What a crazy adventure we’ve had!!  

There are 2 new stories on the website.  Mummies and daddies - the Invisible String would be a great story to show to your children if they are feeling a bit anxious about coming to school in September.  You could maybe look at it a few times over the summer holiday.

Here is your learning for today.  laugh I hope you have a fun day!

Mrs E x





Dough disco!   

Watch the video below and join in with the moves! 

Save your playdough, you will need it tomorrow. 


Read your reading book with an adult or sibling. Adult to ask you questions about what you have read - Oxford Owl have lots of free reading books that you can download and read! 


Before we start, let’s practise all of our sounds - (Phase 3 & 5) Write down the score you get and see if you can beat it tomorrow! If you cannot access phonicsplay, test yourself on the sound mat! 


In Phonics, today, we are going to recapping the ‘oa’ digraph. Make a list of all the ‘oa’ words you know! How many can you name? Watch Geraldine the Giraffe and see if you got more words than her! - 


I would like you to identify the oa pictures and then, choose four ‘oa’ words and write them in a sentence. 


Check out this week’s spellings! 



Tell me a dragon. 

On Friday you made up your own dragon.  Today I would like you to write a fact file to go with your dragon so I know all about it.  Have a look at the worksheet attached.  You can use this, or something else. 


Break - Grab a healthy snack and a drink and have a break. Could you go outside to get some fresh air? 




This week, we are learning about time. Click on the link and watch a short video -  


There is a worksheet to complete, which focuses on telling the time to the hour. Don’t forget to use reasoning to explain your answers! 


Don’t forget about Numbots! - 



Online PE lesson with Joe Wicks - 

Oti Mabuse Dance lessons - 

Explore GoNoodle and stay active! 



Today, I would like you to look at each dragon and its setting and identify which country it could be from. For example, if a dragon is underwater, choose an ocean it may live in. If the dragon lives somewhere cold, think about a cold country. 


To challenge yourself, I would like you to write a sentence about each dragon you identify and use your reasoning to explain why you think they live in that country. There is an atlas to help you.