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Good morning everybody! How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything nice? I spent Friday night watching Aladdin, it’s very good although I wish I had had some popcorn to enjoy with it. On Saturday I had a lovely long walk along the seafront - it was lovely to get some fresh air! Then on Sunday I had another windy walk by the sea and a huge sea creature had been washed up on the rocks!


I hope you are ready for a fresh new week of learning. Remember to try your hardest and give everything your best shot. If you don’t manage to get everything done in one day, that’s ok! If you decide you need a brain break, that’s ok! If it’s one of those days where there’s lots going on and home and all you manage to do is your reading, that’s ok!


Keep yourselves safe, keep smiling and remember to be awesome! Love Miss Taylor ❤️


What are we doing today?

Wake up your brain with one of these activities:

  • Joe Wicks (If you want to join in live, it starts at 9am)
  • Wake up shake up
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga

  • Just Dance

(All linked on our main home learning page)



Today you have an arithmetic challenge to solve. Remember to use the strategies we use in class - number line, drawings, part part whole.



Today you are going to do some GPaS (grammar, punctuation and spelling). You will find there are 4 documents:

  1. 1 - Teaching powerpoint. Please complete these activities verbally with someone at home. The powerpoint doesn’t need to br printed off :)
  2. 2 - Learning activity for everybody - GPaS Quiz
  3. 3 - Challenge activity - completely optional. If you whizz through your GPaS work, give the challenge a go!
  4. 4 - Simple past/present quiz to finish off your English for the day



On Wednesday it is April Fools Day. I would like you to use the internet to do some research about this day. I have given you a couple of suggested links. Don’t forget when searching in a search engine (e.g. Google) to type your search term with ‘for kids’ at the end. ☺️ I have also included a couple of powerpoints if you wanted to look at those instead to collect your facts! You can present your research in any way you like; on the spider diagram sheet, as a PowerPoint, a poster, bullet points - whatever you fancy!


Please find time in your day to complete the following:

  1. Reading
  2. Num Bots
  3. Spell Zone (Study and learn section today)


Have a brilliant day! 🌻🦄