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Term 2 Science Activity

This term, alongside our regular science lessons, we also completed two Science days which focussed on our investigation skills.

Our first investigation explore the key question: What colour are shadows? Whilst our second explored whether colours can be separated - Is green really green?

Check out our pictures below:

Is green really green?

Is green really green? 1
Is green really green? 2

Year 6 Science Day

We explored the key question:

"People with a lower resting heart rates can run faster than people with a higher resting heart rates."

We made a prediction:

15 children disagreed and 11 agreed (2 children were absent).


We decided that we needed to investigate the relationship between resting heart rate and athletic performance.


When writing up our investigations we revisited the learning from our science lessons.


What have we learnt about the heart so far?

The heart is about the size of a human fist.

Its job is to pump blood - carrying oxygen and nutrients - around the body.

Whilst resting, our heart rate is usually between 60 - 100 bpm (beats per minute).

We can measure our heart rate by feeling our pulse.

We measure the number of beats in 30 seconds and multiply it by 2.

Science Investigation (practical)

Science Investigation (practical) 1
Science Investigation (practical) 2
Science Investigation (practical) 3
Science Investigation (practical) 4

Science Investigation (write up)

Science Investigation (write up) 1
Science Investigation (write up) 2