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Term 1 Targets


Maths: I can recognise the place value of each digit in a three-digit number (hundreds, tens and ones)


Thematic: I understand how to put people, events and objects in order of when they happened, using a scale the teacher has given me.


Personal Development: I can set my own achievable targets

Term 2 Targets


Reading: I can identify convention of some different types of text.


Thematic: I can describe different points of view on environmental issues.


Personal Development: I can understand that my actions affect myself and others.

Term 3 Targets


Writing Target:

I can use a wider range of conjunctions to extend and join sentences.


Personal Development Target:

I can work collaboratively to achieve a goal.


Thematic Target:

I can describe some similarities and differences between some people, events and objects (artefacts) I have studied.