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Teatime Talks / Kahoot quizzes

All children are expected to read a minimum of 3 times a week. This can be a school book, their own book, a comic or newspaper. Their reading will be monitored at school and they have the chance of being awarded for different levels they reach; 25 reads, 50 reads or 100 reads!

As well as reading, children also need to complete a minimum 3 TTRS attempts. This needn't be for very long, but we know quick 5/10 minute bursts of times table questions really help the children retain these facts.

We are no longer completing termly projects, and these are to be replaced with...


Teatime Talks

Here you will find the set weekly talking task. This task is based around three questions which relate directly to the learning your child will have just completed in school. The questions encourage you as a family to discuss your child’s learning and this will provide an important opportunity for your child to rehearse, and therefore retain, the knowledge and skills that they would have recently acquired at school.


All you need to do is talk about the questions with your child.

For those who wish to, there is the optional task of recording your Tea Time Talks in some form. For example, you could:

  • Write a series of bullet points that summarise the discussion you have had;
  • Record in speech bubbles the conversation you have had and create a Tea Time Talk poster;
  • Younger children may prefer to draw a series of pictures that demonstrate the aspects of learning covered;
  • Where possible, photos might be used to capture the Tea Time Talk learning in action (e.g. if the learning is linked to PSHE and ways of keeping healthy, a photo of your child riding their bike might be appropriate);
  • You could film a short video for each of the Tea Time Talks.
  • Demonstrate learning outdoors, like we often do at school.

Welcome to Term 5 Teatime Talk.

Welcome to Term 4 Teatime Talk.


Below is an interactive game of Kahoot which covers your learning for last term.  The Kahoot is active until Saturday 26th February 2022.

At the bottom of the page is a 'Join the game box' please use your first name and initial of your surname as your nickname, and click OK, go. 


Enjoy smiley