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Term 2

Term 2, and another fantastic term of History learning at Cuxton. A lot of cross curricular learning happened this term. In year 2, they linked Computing to History, using QR codes that linked to videos about Guy Fawkes, a perfect time to understand why we celebrate on 5th November. As well as Guy Fawkes day, November also has other historical connections with Remembrance Day.

Year 5 looked at a very exciting topic for History....The Tudors, researching The battle of Bosworth as well as all the Monarchs within this era. Some of our most colourful kings and queens!

Year 6 got their teeth stuck into The Victorians, linking history to geography and English, where the children wrote in role, and some fantastic, figurative, descriptive and emotive language was used them. They also looked in depth at the Dickens unfinished novel Edwin Drood, going into Rochester and researching some of Dickens old haunts. I absolutely loved the work I received this term. Well done Cuxton!!