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Term 2 Heroes and Villains


Are you are hero? What makes a hero? Can you think of any heroes? Do heroes just appear in movies? Do we have everyday heroes?



This term:


Maths - Multiplication, Division, Length, Perimeter and Shape (2D and 3D)

English - descriptive writing, comic book scripts, balanced arguments

Science - Light and shadows, investigation skills

R.E - Christianity, Christmas

Topic - Heroes across the world, map reading, continents places across the world

Spanish - greetings

ICT - use of sound, EXCEL spreadsheets


Our key text:

Our learning

Congratulations to Stanley C and Stephen M who drew their own light ray diagram using shapes

Have a look at Magnolia class participating in their Rock workshop at the end of last term

smiley LOLA smiley


Well done to Lola who represented our school in a Medway Trust Assessment Ambassadors meeting on 19/11/18.

She was fabulous at explaining her role, meeting new ambassadors from other schools and getting some great ideas to take back to Cuxton!


Well done Lola!