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Term 4 Predator



Lions and tiger and bears... oh my!

Are we the top of the food? What is at the bottom?

Our key text:



So far this week we have started to look at the key characters within Fantastic Mr. Fox. We have found key vocabulary to describe him and then compared and contrasted the 3 nasty farmers: Boggis, Bunce and Bean! 

We are starting to know what a predator is and in particular looked at the habitat of a rainforest. Magnolia class will be able to tell you where rainforests can be found on a world map and what types of animals live there. 


Maths so far this week has been tricky! We are learning to tell the time. Year 3 have to tell the time to the exact minute as well as find differences in time and know time facts. Any help and revision at home on this would be much appriciated!! Ask us the time!!