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Term 6 Urban Pioneers


Hop on the bus and take a trip downtown, where the lights are bright and every street has a story to tell.

Explore with fresh eyes the art of the city, then capture a moment in time.
You’re an urban pioneer… so get ready to go!

 We shall be discovering the big city landscapes, developing our creative side with a Graffiti workshop, learning about the pioneers of Graffiti and even building own Year 3 mini city on the playground!

This term Year 3 are working towards achieving these targets:


I can give explanations of the impact of language choices on me.


Secure+ children can independently apply all of the Year 3 skills to a range of genres




I can assess the effectiveness of my writing and suggest improvements with support.


A Secure+  child is secure in all of their age expected objectives and can independently apply these skills over a broad range of genres and text types. They are able to explain why they have chosen to use certain features and can use this in the correct context, demonstrating a clear understanding of the purpose of their writing.



I can add and subtract amounts of money to give change, using both £ and p in practical contexts


I know the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year