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Thursday 14th May

We were really impressed with your lovely caterpillars you drew to help you add 2 numbers together.  We definitely have some young artists in our classes. It also looks like you were enjoying the nicer weather yesterday too and having fun in the sun. Some children wrote the sounds in chalk and played hopscotch on them shouting the sounds out. What a great idea.  If you are proud of something you have done send it to us. We'd love to see it. It doesn't have to be about the school work. 

Morning Routine  

Try some calming exercises called rainbow breath. 


You could try a Joe Wicks workout instead or you could learn a dance with Ote Mabuse from Strictly come dancing   The greatest showman dance 





Disco Ninjas

1. Recap the phase 3 sounds and new phase 4 clusters/blends words (mp, nk, nd, st, nt, ft, lt, sk, lp and pl). You can use the flash cards provided (If you can't print them, use scrap paper and write them on).

2. Use the three games to practise reading, blending and spelling longer words. 

Username: student17015

Password: cuxton

3. Play the phase 4 phonopoly game underneath inc. challenge and chance cards. 



Funky Monkeys

1. Recap the phase 3 sounds and new phase 4 clusters/blends words (mp, nk, nd, st, nt, ft, lt, sk). Write them in chalk or place around the floor and throw bean bags onto the right sound to make it more fun. I saw one child shoot the right sounds with a nerf gun! 

2.  Use the 3 games to practise blending, reading and spelling these trickier words. 

Username: Student17015

Password: cuxton

3. Play the Phase 4 phonopoly game underneath inc. the challenge and chance cards or design your own board game to play.



1. Recap sound flash cards phase 2 and phase 3 learnt so far. 

2. Can you read the words and make up actions to go with them (see action word sheet below)

3. match the picture to the word. go back a screen and scroll down the page for trickier games. Find the ones right for your child. 

userrname: student17015

Password: cuxton

4. Write words to match with the pictures (3/4 letter words) see superstars worksheet below. 



Design and make your own butterfly

Research how different butterflies look. Talk about symmetry- each side is the same if you draw a line through the middle. Why are some butterflies different? Talk about camouflage and why the butterflies need to blend in to the flowers and trees they live in. 


Could you make the butterfly like Eric Carle does and use tissue paper or paint paper and tear it up.  

You could paint one half of a butterfly, fold the paper over and print the other half to show symmetry.  

You could make butterflies to put in your windows or in your garden. Get creative and show us what you can do. 






Go on a 2d and 3d shape hunt around the home.  

Group 2D shapes together and 3D shapes together. Why are they different? 2D flat, 3D not, 3D shapes have 2D faces on them.  


To be able to identify symmetrical patterns

Use the pictures on the worksheet below (Asymmetrical means it is not symmetrical- the children don't need to know this). Look at pictures what do you notice? Are they the same on each side. A mirror is a good way to check if it is symmetrical. or use a pencil to show the line of symmetry. Draw the line of symmetry on the object. Refer to halving- it must be the same on each side. 


Go on a symmetry hunt- what else can you find that’s symmetrical?   


Story time 

Billy's Beetle by Mr Worsfold