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Things you MUST remember to do today:

  • 20 minutes of reading
  • 15 minutes of TTRockstars
  • 15 minutes of spelling (either your weekly spellings that are on the spelling page like usual, or log in to
  • Smile at someone
  • Be happy!


If you complete any of the activities below, remember to get your adult to email your learning to Mr Bilton and Mrs Balestrini by 3pm.

Maths - Use what you have learnt this week to help you complete the task below.

English - Have a look at the powerpoint and use what you learn to complete the task. (Hint - the conjunctions on slide 5 will be particularly useful!)

Something Else:

Think back to the video of the Easter story. What image from it stands out most to you? For that image, we would like you to create a piece of artwork! You can use whatever materials your adults can provide for you - it could be something as simple as a sketch with pencils or a collage using lots of different things! Take a photo of your finished art and email it back to us.