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Thursday 26th March

Thursday 26th March

Good morning Oak and Ash class. Your sea shanties have been amazing to watch.  We hope you are all well. We miss you very much but love seeing your pictures and videos.

Start the day with some PE with Joe Wicks.  Here is the link –

I tried it yesterday and my legs are still aching.  I did love the Spiderman lunges though!



Listen to and try and sing along to ‘Boom Shake the Alphabet’


Funky Monkeys Disco Ninja’s and Superstars:

Complete the attached worksheet.

Theme work:

Read a story about a pirate.  If you don’t have a book about pirates then you could watch one of these videos:

Write a sentence about the picture on the attached sheet.   To challenge yourself, write more than one sentence.  If a whole sentence is tricky then write some words to describe it.

Maths work:

Play – ‘Guess the Shape’.

Describe one of the 3D shapes to an adult and ask them to guess what it is.  Take it in turns and see who guesses the most.  You could either use the 3D shape mat to help or the objects you found on your shape hunt.  Try and use the correct words to describe their different properties.

Have a great day and don't forget to send us some pictures or videos.  We really do love seeing them all!